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NEEDS for Jewellers - Feature List

Masters ( Create / modify /delete )

Automatic creation of 

·         Customer A/c with photo option

·         Vendor A/c with photo option

·         Gold smith A/c with photo option

·         Employees A/c with photo option

·         General ledger A/c

·         Group codes

·         Inventory items with photo option

·         Stock Accounts

·         Tax codes  ( Setting up tax types, VAT details )

·         Creating register codes (creating Sale , purchase, Sales return, purchase return, Bank, cash type codes for automatic updation of related accounts when a transaction is made. For ex. A sale type register code may update sales A/c, Tax account, Packing forwarding account, Postage account etc., when sale is made )




·         Order Section

o   Order from customer  ( Fine / 22 Ct. / on Touch )

o   Order to Goldsmith

o   Items received from goldsmiths

o   Customer order delivery ( with option to save photograph of the person who has taken the delivery of the items)

·         Sales ( Cash / Credit ) With Barcode

o   Bullion  ( Gold and silver )

o   Ornament

o   Diamond / Stone / Beeds

o   Foreign currency

·         Purchase ( Cash / Credit ) With Barcode

o   Bullion

o   Ornament

o   Diamond / Stone / Beeds

o   Foreign currency

·         Receipt with interest calculation and adjustment ( Cash and Bank with an option to allocate the amount to pending bills )


·         Payment with interest calculation and adjustment ( Cash and Bank with an option to allocate the amount to pending bills )


·         Easy maintenance of  cheques in transit ( cheque reconciliation ), Cheque return entry and option to debit the bank charges to the customer / bank charges a/c on cheque return / realization.


·         Discount cheques ( a transaction where Govt. cheques will be purchased from the party and amount is paid after deducting commission / interest amount from cheque amount. )


·         Manufacturing Section

o   Metal issued for manufacturing ( making ornament)

o   Ornament received from manufacturing


·         Refining Section

o   Ornament issued for refining ( making pure metal)

o   Metal received from refining

o   Bullion to working metal conversion


·         Wholesale ornament trading

o   Sales

o   Purchase

o   Ornament issued to traveling salesman

o   Ornament received from traveling salesman


·         Approval book

o   Items issued for approval

o   Approval Sales / return entry


·         Journal Entries

o   Debit Note

o   Credit Note

o   Journal Voucher entry


·         Interest calculation and posting ( Includes interest on overdue bills and loans given to parties etc.,)

·         Physical cash Entry and verification ( Here the book cash is compared  with the physical cash present in the cash box and if difference is found and adjustment entry is posted to suspense a/c for future reference)

·         Physical stock entry and verification ( Here the stock book balances will be verified with the physical stock balances to check out the difference and adjustment entry is made to tally book and physical stock )

·         Stock Adjustment

o   Internal stock transfer ( For transferring from main stock box to the display trays )

o   Stock issue / receipt

·         Action items (set up company alerts so that you can track the events that are most important to your business)

o   Customers

§  Over credit limit

§  Sales current month

§  Sales as on today

§  Pending bills with age  and so on.

o   Vendors

§  Purchase current month

§  Purchase as on today

§  Pending bills with age  and so on.

o   Inventory items

§  Quantity and weight on hand below minimum stock

§  Quantity and weight on hand above maximum stock

§  Sales current month

§  Sales as on today

§  Quantity sold / purchase current period

§  Quantity sold / purchase as on today

o   Chart of accounts

§  Balance current period

§  Balance year to date

§  Budget current period

§  Budget year to date

·         TO DO List with option to recur

o   Daily  

o   Weekly

o   Every two week

o   Monthly

o   Quarterly

o   Twice a year

o   Annually

·         Events

o   Customer bills due

o   Customer orders due

o   Approval items

o   Discount cheques pending

o   Goldsmith orders due

o   Payment

o   Receipt

o   Vendor bills due        

·         Opening balance sheet entry ( for Easy entry of  all opening balance in a single screen )



·         Order Section

o   Order form with old metal received against order details

o   Goldsmith order form with metal paid and touch of the ornament to make

o   Item received from the goldsmith form wastage given and labour paid details

o   Metal / Labour charges / advance received report from the customer

o   Customer order status report

o   Metal issued to gold smith report

·         Manufacturing section

o   Metal issued for manufacturing form

o   Ornament received from goldsmith form

·         Refining Section

o   Ornament issued for refining form

o   Metal received from refining form

·         Bullion metal issued for  working metal conversion

·         Receipt voucher / advice

·         Payment voucher / advice

·         Debit note

·         Credit note

·         Journal register


·         Day books

o   Sales register with tax collected details

o   Purchase register

o   Sales return register with tax details

o   Purchase return register

o   Day wise transaction report ( include Sales,  purchase, cash, bank and other transactions )

o   VAT reports

·         Other Lists

o   Credit and cash transaction list.

o   Collection patti ( a list of metal and cash balances of all of the accounts customer, vendor, goldsmith etc., )

o   Creditor / Debtor balance list with oldest pending bill No. and first transaction due date

o   Customer list

o   Vendor list

o   Goldsmith list

o   Employee list

o   General A/c list

·         Ledgers

·         Town wise pending bills

·         Age wise pending bills

·         Bill wise allocation details

·         Unallocated amount details

·         Inventory list for physical stock verification

·         Items master list

·         Inventory unit activity report

·         Approval

·         Approval Sales / return

·         Final statement

o   Trial balance

o   Trading Account

o   Profit and loss account

o   Balance sheet



o   Transferring data to next financial year

o   Backup and restore of data

o   Securing your data from unauthorized access by setting multiple passwords


View options


·Displaying of amount in words when amount is entered in the entry boxes

·         Displaying of Weight in words when weight is entered in the entry boxes

·         Todays rate entry box

·         Current balance form ( displays the balances of the A/c’s and  Inventory items when selected for transaction)

·       Smart guide (Smart Guides display at fields and windows to give you an extra level of help)


Other Options


·Auto Print Option

o   Setting Automatic printing of Invoice, receipts and other transaction vouchers when transaction is made.

·        Interest calculation

o   Various options for interest calculations can be set

§  360 / 365 days per year on receipts

§  360 / 365 days per year on payment

§  Rounding up / down interest amount on receipt

§  Rounding up / down interest amount on payment

§  Including both the receipt and payment dates

o   Compound interest calculation and posting

·         Rate / Wt. calculation

o   Setting various rate and Wt calculation on each type of transaction  for ex. You can set Gold Bullion Purchase / Sales on  Ten Tola ( TT Bar ) or Tola, Gold Ornamental sales on Gms and Silver Bullion sales / purchase in Kilograms.